Local Law 11

Local Law 11

What is Local Law 11

Local Law 11 is designed to prevent any future injuries or deaths from pieces of building facades injuries or deaths from pieces of building facades falling into city streets. As per the law the building owners must hire professionals to inspect the facade every five years, inspectors then submit reports to the department of buildings.

New York City pushes for Facade Inspection Safety Program in Local Law 11. NY Construction Co initiates Local Law 11 process in New York City and five boroughs – Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.

You can apply for five year quality control on your building facade to do away with liabilities and conduct life-saving measures. 

Utilize the expertise and experience of NY Construction Co engineers for –

  1. Safety: Aim for pedestrian safety by placing public protection measures like scaffolding during the periodic facade instructions
  2. Get your building facade up-to-date with Local Law 11 to minimize structural risks, hazards and liabilities.
  3. For fast and accurate filing of DOB

Why us

Facades can range in all the types of construction materials – masonry, brick, structural glass and all other materials that can serve as exterior walls of each building envelope. Each construction material has its own technical specification, rating, grade and all other criteria for design compliance. Each material calls for specific technical evaluation process from a specialized professional.

NY Construction Co delivers curated solutions for every facade material inspected, bringing the function, beauty and structural integrity in one holistic approach. 

Our engineers specialize in the critical examination of all the parts of all exterior walls and any appurtenances of buildings greater than six stories in height. We focus on exterior structures, diagnosing and resolving deterioration within facades, roofs, windows, water proofing, parking garages, terraces and historic landmark structures.

NY Construction Co has expertise and experience and has inspected numerous buildings and has filed Local Law 11 inspection reports with NYC department of buildings for several building owners. We have presidium of well trained and highly experienced facade inspectors, structural engineers and condition evaluators to provide quality service to our clients.