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Brick Pointing

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NY Construction Co is your professional Brick Pointing company serving in NYC five boroughs—the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.

What is Brick pointing?

Brick pointing is the finishing of mortar joints in brick or stone masonry construction. It is the process of implementing of joints and filling it with better quality mortar in desired shape. It is done by masons to fill the points in the brickwork to connect them and bind them together.

It is the process of applying mortar or cement between the bricks as a bonding agent. This work is delicate and thus needs precision which is only achieved by experienced masons. The paste sets and hardens, which creates a tight seal between bricks and blocks to prevent air and moisture from entering the construction.

Brick pointing is a process to fix only motor joints, not bricks or the entire foundation of structure.

Benefits of Brick Pointing

The main benefit of brick pointing is that it improves the overall look of the wall structure of your home. It makes the wall stronger and minimizes the need for frequent maintenance. It also acts as an agent of weather protection for the walls on which it is installed and also makes the overall building much stronger that it was before.

Why You Choose Us for Brick Pointing

We are the experienced brick pointing contractors in NYC and five boroughs the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. We have presidium of expert masons with decades of experience in the brick work. NY Construction Co is the reliable service provide for you in the New York City as we offer great quality services at very budget-friendly rates.

The entire process of brick pointing may seem easy but it takes experience to complete the job with perfection. Poorly done brick pointing will lead to further deterioration of the wall. The professional experts ensure that the overall structure is improved and also reduces the need for other repair and rehabilitation work.

Our brick pointing specialists will inspect the site and give you a free estimate for bricks pointing They will provide you free consultation whether you need Brick pointing services or not. We do not compromise on professionalism and standards as governed by local laws.

Professional Brick Pointing Services at Best Price

Customer satisfaction is our prime motto and that is why we have loads of satisfied clients. So why wait? For best and trust-worthy brick pointing contractors in New York City, NY Construction Co is your Go-To service providers.

For cost-effective and reliable brick pointing services, we are just a call away!